Cloud native at a click.

Introducing Spine, the easiest to use container hosting platform on the planet.

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Building a great product is hard. Shipping it shouldn't be.

Iteration speed is critical when you're building a great Internet application and that's why you've packaged it up into a Docker container. Once you're ready to go live, though, you're in for a world of DevOps pain if you want to ship that container to your customers on the Internet.

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Cloud native without the pain.

Spine was designed to make DevOps obsolete. We provide a palette of cloud native services proven to eliminate operational drudgery:

  • Clusters

    Clusters orchestrate Docker containers and provide them with everything they need to scale, such as log aggregation and metrics collection.

  • Balancers

    Balancers connect Clusters to the Internet using high-performance load balancing technology, with built-in support for strong SSL.

  • Synapses

    Synapses provide a high-availability service mesh to make microservice connection fast and easy.

  • Volumes

    Volumes provide reliable SSD-backed persistent storage for data-intensive applications.

Scales Like Crazy

Spine is built from the same stuff that powers Twitter, Apple, and Uber. Whether you're just getting started or are growing rapidly, Spine can make your life easier.

Designed For Microservices

Spine makes the assembly of microservices painless with features such as a fault-tolerant service mesh and automatic health checking.

Built-in Metrics

Spine collects up-to-the-second metrics from every container you run so you can keep an eye on your application's performance.

Searchable Logs

Spine aggregates and indexes all container logs so you can spend less time debugging and more time building.

Command Line Interface

We provide a powerful, script-friendly command line tool if you're like us and spend a lot of time behind a terminal.

Secure Credential Deployment

Spine's Vault encrypts and securely deploys sensitive credentials to your containers.

Per-Second Billing

Spine charges by the second, making it ideal for running CI/CD and serverless workloads.

Deploys Private Containers

Spine can securely deploy private Docker images from the Docker Hub for proprietary applications.

Complimentary Support

Spine is backed by a team of veteran SREs who would love to help you get the most out of the platform. Come join our support Slack!

All priced by the second.

Nerve Type CPUs RAM MB Monthly Price
toaster 1 896 $10
mini 1 1920 $20
developer 1 3968 $40
small 2 8064 $60
medium 2 16256 $120
large 4 32640 $240

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